Florian is standing in front of the bookshelf in his office in a white T-shirt and dark jacket. He has a three-day beard and wears glasses with round lenses.

Florian Adler

Managing Partner
Concepts, consulting, project leadership florian.adler@adlerschmidt.de


  • Attended school in Tehran and Berlin
  • 1978–1984: Studied Visual Communication at HdK in Berlin (today Berlin University of the Arts, UdK)
  • 1979: Contributed to “Death, Destruction, and Detroit”, a play by Robert Wilson performed at the Schaubühne theatre in Berlin
  • 1980: Trained at Otl Aicher’s studio in Rotis, Germany
  • 1984: Graduated as a Master Student in Experimental Graphics under Professor Helmut Lortz
  • 1989: Founded the studio with Hans-Peter Schmidt
  • 2002–present: Lecturer in Communication Design at HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences
  • 2003–2011: Member of the management board at Forum für Entwerfen e. V.
  • 2007: Member of the advisory board for the Department of Design at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences
  • 2009: Appointed Honorary Professor of Corporate Design and Information Design at HTW Berlin
  • 2010–present: Member of the Typeface standards committee of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN)
  • 2013: Updated the DIN 1450 standard on legibility
  • 2015–2017: Research and development project on inclusive communication design for the German Federation of Blind and Visually Impaired People (DBSV)
  • 2020: Lecture at ATypI's sixty-fourth annual conference (Association Typographique Internationale)
  • 2021: Lectureship in Communication Design at the Hong Kong Design Institute

Florian also gives talks and workshops at institutions such as Designforum Freiburg, University of Art and Design Halle, International School of Marketing Dortmund, University of Art and Design Berlin (BTK), School of Design Münster, Munic Creative Business Week and International Design Centre Berlin. Florian is married and a happy father of two grown-up children.